Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shoes... a love story.

I love shoes.

It's a problem.

Partly because I have large AND wide feet. "Peasant feet," if you will. Peasant feet and cute strappy numbers do not work well together. But a D'Orsay pump, now that can work.

Partly because my closet is eighteen feet long and I feel the need to fill every inch of it.

The other problem with my shoe affair is location, location, location. I live waaaaaay out in the country with few opportunities for wearing shnazzy footwear. But I love my pumps. And wedges. And kitten heels. Even though I **gulp** own and wear many pairs of Crocs, too. The Croslite clogs are not my favorites, but they are handy when you have a gravel driveway and a big yard that needs tending!

Thanks to my Etsy shop, I have discovered that my quirky habit of buying shoes at thrift shops that don't fit me, but are so cute I have to have them, is not entirely without merit. Now I can explain to shopowners why I feel the need to buy size 6 pumps when there's no way on this green earth that my size 10 feet will fit in them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Joys of Jadite Glass

I have to admit it. I'm addicted to Jadite.

It started when my sister and I were in middle school. One day, our mom came home with a big box of mossy green glassware and gave it to us. She had been out antique-hunting with our dad, and she paid something like $5.00 for a BIG box of this weird green stuff.

So, sometime around 1985, my sister and I were introduced to Jadite. If memory serves me right, that first box of glorious green stuff was restaurantware. And from that point on, we were hooked.

We had always collected Depression glass, but the Jadite collecting quickly turned into an obsession. Family vacations centered around finding the largest open-air flea markets in the Northeast (oh, Pennsylvania, how I do love those combination farmer's markets/flea markets of yours!) and seeing who could find the best deals on the trip.

The Jadite collecting then branched out into other glassware as well -- Delphite, Seville, Custard, Azurite.

And if you have all those pretty colors, why not add some pretty milk glass to the mix?

We were hooked.

I may have had the worst case of all, because I am still hooked, always on the hunt for those instantly recognizable shades of green, blue, yellow and ivory.

Of course I look for beautiful old glass to fill my Etsy shop.

But even if I never put another piece in my shop, I'd still have to find more.

Because it's just so darned pretty!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Buttons, buttons, who's got the buttons?

WE do!

Earrings. Magnets.
Or just plain old gorgeous glass buttons, we've got them in our Etsy shops!

I made some earrings with some beautiful black and gold buttons (currently available):

Then I made some magnets (available in my shop) :

And if you're a crafty gal or guy who needs to add some pizazz to a project, you can find loads of buttons in my supply shop:

There are so many things you can do with buttons -- they're practical, beautiful and oh-so-charming! My button collection includes lots of old glass buttons from Germany and Czechoslovakia, plenty of mother of pearl, and tons of old plastics -- celluloid, the occasional Bakelite.

Thanks for stopping by. Now get those buttons and create something fabulous!

Meet the family!

Well, here we go! I'm going to try my hand at blogging... this could be interesting. Or it could be awful. Either way, I'll give it a shot.

I've been so inspired by my fellow Etsy sellers that a blog seemed like a good idea.

Seeing how I currently operate 3 shops on Etsy (jewelry & craft supplies:; vintage jewelry and ladies' accessories:; and last but not least, vintage housewares: I simply could not decide which shop name to use for the blog.

So, do I name it after myself? Nah, too braggy, I thought.

Do I name it after the town I live in? Nawwww.

I know! There's another shop name waiting to be used. Oh yes, there are plans for that one, too. Lots of plans. But shop number four has to wait a bit... but I love its name... CheeryPieHome. Yup. It's cute. It's catchy. It's friendly-sounding. And it seems blog-appropriate for a homebody who loves to cook. And paint. And garden. And draw. And have pots of tea with good friends. Or share a pitcher of Appletinis with same friends. Or new ones. Always room for more!

But enough about Etsy and our borderline Etsy-obsession.

Why don't I introduce you to one of our favorite furballs? His name is Muffin, and no, he doesn't normally hang out with tiny plastic furniture from the 1950s. Usually you can find him hanging out with the rest of his fur-family or waiting patiently for the magical bowl of kibbles to be refilled. However, on Renwal-furniture photography day, he decided to get into the action:

He's quite a character. Muffin loves everybody, even if the love is not reciprocated. That can be a problem. But even more than fellow creatures, Muffin loves ..... FOOD!

One time, he decided to eat an entire PAN of lasagna.

Then there was the time he ate a loaf of sourdough bread.

No roast turkey is safe from this guy.

He's quite into deep golden piecrust these days. Especially if it's from a quiche.

Made with ham.

And lots of cheese.

It's a good thing we don't spoil him.

At all.

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