Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shoes... a love story.

I love shoes.

It's a problem.

Partly because I have large AND wide feet. "Peasant feet," if you will. Peasant feet and cute strappy numbers do not work well together. But a D'Orsay pump, now that can work.

Partly because my closet is eighteen feet long and I feel the need to fill every inch of it.

The other problem with my shoe affair is location, location, location. I live waaaaaay out in the country with few opportunities for wearing shnazzy footwear. But I love my pumps. And wedges. And kitten heels. Even though I **gulp** own and wear many pairs of Crocs, too. The Croslite clogs are not my favorites, but they are handy when you have a gravel driveway and a big yard that needs tending!

Thanks to my Etsy shop, I have discovered that my quirky habit of buying shoes at thrift shops that don't fit me, but are so cute I have to have them, is not entirely without merit. Now I can explain to shopowners why I feel the need to buy size 6 pumps when there's no way on this green earth that my size 10 feet will fit in them!


  1. i've never heard the expression 'peasant feet,' but i'm *totally* adding it to my personal lexicon.

  2. I had to sort out my shoes the other day as I have just too many pairs! I was sad to see some of them go but there just isn't room in here anymore!

    love from