Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Joys of Jadite Glass

I have to admit it. I'm addicted to Jadite.

It started when my sister and I were in middle school. One day, our mom came home with a big box of mossy green glassware and gave it to us. She had been out antique-hunting with our dad, and she paid something like $5.00 for a BIG box of this weird green stuff.

So, sometime around 1985, my sister and I were introduced to Jadite. If memory serves me right, that first box of glorious green stuff was restaurantware. And from that point on, we were hooked.

We had always collected Depression glass, but the Jadite collecting quickly turned into an obsession. Family vacations centered around finding the largest open-air flea markets in the Northeast (oh, Pennsylvania, how I do love those combination farmer's markets/flea markets of yours!) and seeing who could find the best deals on the trip.

The Jadite collecting then branched out into other glassware as well -- Delphite, Seville, Custard, Azurite.

And if you have all those pretty colors, why not add some pretty milk glass to the mix?

We were hooked.

I may have had the worst case of all, because I am still hooked, always on the hunt for those instantly recognizable shades of green, blue, yellow and ivory.

Of course I look for beautiful old glass to fill my Etsy shop.

But even if I never put another piece in my shop, I'd still have to find more.

Because it's just so darned pretty!
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